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Buying with Acquire London

Property Acquisition

We act purely for the buyer, and have access to the whole market, unlike estate agents who act for the seller and work only with the properties on their register. Our sole aim is ensuring that our clients get exactly what they want, for the best price and with as little hassle as possible.

Market Access

We can provide access to properties off market and on the market through our network, as well as often being the first through the door when a new property becomes available.

Investment Optimisation

Based on our knowledge of the market, track record and coming from a property investment background we are well placed to identify the most suitable opportunities.

Time Saving

After identifying the clients needs, we will undertake a comprehensive search, and shortlist only the most suitable properties, therefore ensuring that the client doesn’t have to waste their time dealing with agents or properties that have no relevance to their requirements.

Renting with Acquire London

Rental Service

Acquire London provides its clients a luxury rental acquisition service which finds the most suitable rental properties for their needs. In a market that is highly competitive, we are well positioned to source the best properties for our clients with a ‘hassle-free’ approach.

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